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DOAG Regionaltreffen Freiburg/Südbaden - MySQL Vortragsfolien verfügbar

Das DOAG Regionaltreffen Freiburg/Südbaden vom 26. Januar 2016 zum Thema MySQL hat im gewohnten Rahmen statt gefunden.

FromDual Backup and Recovery Manager (fromdual_brman) installation guide



The FromDual Backup an Recovery Manager (fromdual_brman) for MySQL and MariaDB is an easy to use Command Line Interface (CLI) for MySQL and MariaDB backups.
Its main purpose is to eas the many difficult ways of doing MySQL backups.

How to use the fromdual_brman you can find here: Backup Manager for MySQL, MariaDB and Percona Server (fromdual_bman).



Download Backup/Recovery Manager


FromDual Backup and Recovery Manager for MySQL and MariaDB

The fromdual_brman is an easy to use interface to make Backup, Restore and Point-in-Time-Recovery for MySQL, Galera Cluster, MariaDB and Percona Server. Integrates mysqldump, mysql, xtrabackup and mysqlbackup (MySQL Enterprise Backup).

MySQL table Point-in-Time-Recovery from mysqldump backup

Sometimes we face the situation where we have a full MySQL database backup done with mysqldump and then we have to restore and recover just one single table out of our huge mysqldump file.
Further our mysqldump backup was taken hours ago so we want to recover all the changes on that table since our backup was taken up to the end.

In this blog article we cover all the steps needed to achieve this goal for MySQL and MariaDB.

FromDual Backup Manager for MySQL 1.2.1 has been released

FromDual has the pleasure to announce the release of the new version 1.2.1 of the popular Backup Manager for MySQL and MariaDB (fromdual_bman).

You can download the FromDual Backup Manager from here.

Get rid of wrongly deleted InnoDB tables

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Precaution: Before you try this out on your production system do a BACKUP first! FromDual Backup Manager can help you with this.


A MySQL user has delete its InnoDB table files for example like this:

shell> rm -f $datadir/test/test.*


We do some analysis first:

Backup Manager for MySQL, MariaDB and Percona Server (fromdual_bman)


The FromDual Backup Manager for MySQL and MariaDB(fromdual_bman) is a wrapper script for standard MySQL backup tools. The Problem with MySQL backup tools is, that they have many options and thus are overcomplicated and errors are easy made.

fromdual_bman has the intention to make backups for MySQL easier and technically correct. This means it should per default not allow non-consistent backups or complain if some functions or parameters are used in the wrong way to guarantee proper backups.

FromDual Ops Center for MySQL and MariaDB (focmm)


The FromDual Ops Center for MySQL/MariaDB is a browser-based solution to operate your MySQL or MariaDB database server.

Important: For FromDual Ops Center for MySQL and MariaDB 0.3 an newer please look here.

Privileges of MySQL backup user for mysqldump

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Some MySQL customers do not want to use the root user for mysqldump backups. For this user you have to grant the following minimal MySQL privileges:

mysqldump --single-transaction (InnoDB)

CREATE USER 'backup'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'secret';

mysqldump --lock-all-tables (MyISAM)

GRANT LOCK TABLES ON *.* TO 'backup'@'localhost';

If we missed a privilege please let us know.

To zip, or not to zip, that is the question

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Abstract: In this article we have a look at the compression options of common zipping tools and its impact on the size of the compressed files and the compression time. Further we look at the new parallel zip tools which make use of several cores.

MySQL Restore and Recovery methods


Backup is for sissies! Let's have a look what we can do when we are not a sissy...

First of all: Your life is much easier when you have a proper backup process implemented and verified the restore procedure of your MySQL database.

But what if you have no backup in place and did a DROP TABLE. What shall we do?

We assume our data we just dropped are located on the following device:

Which table is hit by an InnoDB page corruption?

InnoDB is known to have crash-recovery capabilities and thus is called a crash safe storage engine (in contrary to MyISAM). Never the less under certain circumstances it seems like InnoDB pages can get corrupt during a crash and then a manual crash-recovery is needed.

Can you trust your MySQL backup?

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Today a customer with corrupted data files showed up. When we enquired a bit more he told us that he had a broken I/O controller. This is one of the worst things which can happen to you!

The reason is the following: When a I/O controller starts to die it often does not happen immediately. The controller dies slowly producing more and more corrupt data. When you just write data without checking or reading them it can take days or even weeks until you discover the problem.

MySQL Cluster restore

Recently the question came up if it is faster to restore a MySQL cluster when all nodes are up or only ONE node from each node group during restore.

The answer from our gurus was: All nodes up during restore! I wanted to find out why. So I set up the following cluster and started to measure:

MySQL Cluster set up

Cluster set-up

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