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FromDual Performance Monitor for MySQL 0.9.3 has been released

FromDual has the pleasure to announce the release of the new version 0.9.3 of its popular Database Performance Monitor for MySQL, Galera Cluster, MariaDB and Percona Server mpm.

This release contains various minor bug fixes and improvements.

You can download mpm from here.

Backup Manager for MySQL, MariaDB and Percona Server (mysql_bman)


The MySQL Backup Manager (mysql_bman) is a wrapper script for standard MySQL backup tools. The Problem with MySQL backup tools is, that they have many options and thus are overcomplicated and errors are easy made.

mysql_bman has the intention to make backups for MySQL easier and technically correct. This means it should per default not allow non-consistent backups or complain if some functions or parameters are used in the wrong way to guarantee proper backups.

FromDual Performance Monitor for MySQL 0.9.2 has been released

FromDual has the pleasure to announce the release of the new version 0.9.2 of its popular Database Performance Monitor for MySQL, MariaDB and Percona Server mpm.

This release makes mpm compatible with Zabbix v2.2 and contains various minor bug fixes and improvements.

You can download mpm from here.

Verbesserte MySQL Datenbank-Performance mit Virident Flash-Cache

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im letzten Newsletter haben wir Sie über die FromDual Beratungs-Dienstleistungen informiert. Fokus waren die Verfügbarkeit und die Vermeidung von Ausfällen der MySQL Datenbank (Welche Kosten verursacht eine Stunde Ausfallzeit Ihrer MySQL Datenbank?).

Welche Kosten verursacht eine Stunde Ausfallzeit Ihrer MySQL Datenbank?


es gibt Firmen, welche mit ihren MySQL Datenbanken zehntausende von Euros Umsatz pro Stunde erzielen. Andere Firmen betreiben ihr ERP System auf MySQL, an welchem 1000 Arbeitsplätze hängen. Steht die Datenbank still arbeiten 1000 Mitarbeiter nicht mehr, bis das System wieder läuft! Ausfallkosten ab EUR 30'000 pro Stunde aufwärts.

What are the costs of one hour MySQL downtime?



there are companies which earn tens of thousands of Euros per hour with their MySQL databases. Other companies operate their ERP system on MySQL, to which 1000 employees are attached to. Is the database down 1000 people are not working any more until the system is working again! Downtime costs starting at EUR 30'000.- per hour upwards.

MySQL single query performance - the truth!

MySQL single query performance - the truth!

As suggested by morgo I did a little test for the same query and the same data-set mentioned in Impact of column types on MySQL JOIN performance but looking into an other dimension: the time (aka MySQL versions).

The answer

To make it short. As a good consultant the answer must be: "It depends!" :-)

Impact of column types on MySQL JOIN performance

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In our MySQL trainings and consulting engagements we tell our customers always to use the smallest possible data type to get better query performance. Especially for the JOIN columns.

Wir brauchen Dich: Senior MySQL DBA für FromDual Support Line

Wir brauchen Dich: MySQL DBA für FromDual Support Dienste

FromDual sucht enthusiastische und erfahrene Mitarbeiter die:

DOAG SIG MySQL - Replication: September 4, 2012 in Hamburg

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On Tuesday, September 4, 2012 the next DOAG SIG MySQL meeting will take place in Hamburg (Germany) with the topic Replication.

Possible presentations are: MySQL Replication, Galera Cluster, Replication with Oracle GoldenGate, Replication with Zimory Scale and Tungsten Replicator.

The event will presumably be located at the Hotel Böttcherhof at Wöhlerstrasse 2.

MySQL @ FrOSCon 7 in St. Augustin (Germany)

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Also this year we will have a special track for MySQL, Galera, Percona und MariaDB at the FrOSCon in St. Augustin in Germany. The conference is scheduled for August 25 and 26 2012.

Together with the PostgreSQL people we are organizing a sub-conference for Open Source RDBMS there. Now we are looking for interesting talks about MySQL and related techniques like Galera, Percona, MariaDB. The only restriction for the talks is: They must be about an Open Source topic.

MySQL Schulung für Profis am 18.-22. Juni in Berlin

Am 18. bis 22. Juni findet an der Heinlein Akademie in Berlin ein fünftägiger hands-on Workshop MySQL für Profis statt. Es hat noch Plätze frei!

Anmeldung und weitere Infos unter:

Troubles with MySQL 5.5 on FreeBSD 9

FreeBSD 9 seems to have some troubles with MySQL 5.5.20. A customer has moved from MySQL 5.0 on Linux to MySQL 5.5 on FreeBSD 9. He experienced a lot of periodic slow downs on the new, much stronger, system which he has not seen on the old Linux box.

This slow downs were also shown in high CPU system time but we could not see any I/O going on.

When we looked into MySQL we have seen many threads in Opening tables state in the MySQL processlist.

Codership partners with FromDual to offer consulting and support services for Galera Cluster for MySQL

Helsinki, Finland, Uster, Switzerland – February 18, 2012 – Codership, the provider of Galera Cluster for MySQL, and FromDual, a MySQL consulting company, today announced collaboration to offer Galera Cluster technology and related support and consulting services for Galera users all over the world, especially in German speaking countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH). Galera Cluster is a synchronous, true multi-master replication cluster for MySQL using the well known InnoDB storage engine.

Codership und FromDual vereinbaren Zusammenarbeit bei Beratungs- und Support-Dienstleistungen für Galera Cluster auf MySQL

Helsinki, Finnland, Uster, Schweiz – 18. Februar 2012 – Codership, Anbieter des Galera Clusters für MySQL, und FromDual, eine MySQL Beratungsfirma, kündigen eine Zusammenarbeit bei der Verbreitung von Galera Cluster Technologie und dazugehörigen Support- und Beratungs-Dienstleistungen für Galera Anwender an. Galera Cluster ist ein synchroner, echter Multi-Master Replikations-Cluster für MySQL, welcher die weit verbreitete InnoDB Storage Engine nutzt.

Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) for MySQL


How to test MySQL Monitoring as Service (MaaS) for free?

To get MaaS for MySQL follow these steps:

MaaS Key Request


Request a Service Key for the Performance Monitor for MySQL

To provide you a correct configuration and to grant you access to our system we need some information from you.

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

Example 1


CREATE TABLE `order` (
) ENGINE = InnoDB;

  (NULL, 'Test order 1')
, (NULL, 'Test order 2')
, (NULL, 'Test order 3');

, price DECIMAL (6,2) NOT NULL
) ENGINE = InnoDB;

  (null, 1, 'Schrauben', 50, 0.10, 0)
, (null, 1, 'Muttern', 50, 0.10, 0)

MySQL vs. PostgreSQL

Im Admin-Magazin 2011/06 hat es einen netten Artikel über MySQL und PostgreSQL Performance Tuning: Duell der Datenbanken: In einem Shootout messen sich MySQL und PostgreSQL

Susanne hat dabei PostgreSQL, wir MySQL betreut...

MySQL Vala Program Example

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Summary: In this article we have a short look at a simple MySQL example program written in Vala.

Advanced MySQL DBA Workshop

With a partner we are planning and Advanced MySQL DBA workshop. As the name says it should be a workshop. Its planned duration is 2 days. So within 2 days we can cover 4 to 8 topics more deeply. Requirements: VirtualBox, VMware, own Laptop?

Possible exercises during the workshop

  • Set-up a Master-Master replication with 2 Slaves
  • Load balance on master with MySQL Proxy and on Slaves with LVS.

How good is MySQL INSERT TRIGGER performance

Abstract: In this article we discuss how big is the performance impact of MySQL TRIGGERs compared to application side logging (with INSERT) into a MySQL table.


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