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MariaDB and MySQL Consulting

FromDual delivers neutral and vendor independent on-site consulting services on MariaDB, MySQL, Galera Cluster and Percona Server. Our experienced consultants recommend you the best solutions fitting to your needs.

We help you in delicate matters as:

  • Getting the maximum out of your current hardware through Performance Tuning and SQL Query Tuning by adding indexes where necessary.
  • Evaluating more advanced Database Architectures like Master/Slave Replication or synchronous multi-Master Replication with Galera to reach your goals for the near and far future.
  • Reviewing your Backup Concepts and implementing it in a way it also works when you need it (= restore).
  • Check your Database Design and suggest changes if necessary.
  • Upgrading your database to recent releases and Migrating your data to MariaDB, MySQL, Galera Cluster or Percona Server.
  • Designing Scale-Out Architectures with Replication, Clustering or Sharding.

If you prefer remote consultancy services we recommend you our remote-DBA services for MariaDB and MySQL.

Special offer: 2 days Backup and Restore Consulting

In this 2 days MariaDB and MySQL Backup and Restore Consulting engagement we discuss with you the available Backup and Restore methods. Further we explain how a Point-in-Time Recovery or alternatively a Database Flashback works or at last how to secure your system with Delayed Replication to prevent long restore times. We also do a Review of your current Backup and Restore methodology, how you test and verify your Backup strategy and show you ways how you can implement a Backup monitoring and a Restore testing.

Special offer: 2 days Performance Tuning Review

In this 2 days MariaDB and MySQL Performance Tuning engagement we go through the 5 levels of performance impacts:

  • Hardware and what is best for Database performance.
  • Operating System (Linux) settings to make your database work fast and stable.
  • Database configuration variables (my.cnf). Which is the important dozen?
  • Schema tuning, Indexing and data type optimization and
  • finally Application, Architecture and Design optimizations.

Special offer: 3 days High-Availability Workshop

In this 3 days MariaDB and MySQL High-Availability workshop we show you the important and relevant High-Availability architectures discuss their advantages and disadvantages and evaluate with you in a Proof of Concept Master/Slave Replication and Galera Cluster.


If you are interested in our on-site Consultancy Services for MariaDB or MySQL, please let us know and we get asap in contact with you!