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Newsletter Spring 2011

Dear MySQL and MariaDB User,

With this Newsletter you receive the News about FromDual for Spring 2011:


Technical Information

We have compiled the following technical information for you:

Who has missed our talks about HandlerSocket and similar Architectures, NoSQL for MySQL and MySQL Replication - Scale-Out, Master-Master, Backup at the DOAG SIG in München, at the Grazer Linuxtagen or at the FOSDEM 2011 will find the slides as PDF at Presentations.

Support and Remote-DBA services for MySQL and MariaDB

Thanks to our partnership with PrimeBase Technologies (see below News about FromDual) we are now capable to:

If you have questions about our support services we are happy to talk to you. Please let us know so we can get in contact with you...

Open Dates

  • On May 19th the DOAG organizes a meeting at the SIG Database MySQL in Hannover. We would be happy if you come an visit us.
  • On June 9th the DOAG organizes an other meeting in Kassel (Germany) SIG Development zum Thema DB-Programmierung mal anders. If you missed our presentation HandlerSocket and similar Technologies - NoSQL for MySQL, you can meet us there to catch up.
  • On July 4th and 5th and on October 24th and 25th we have a MySQL Cluster course at the Linux-Hotel in Essen (Germany). You can register directly at the Linux Hotel.

News about FromDual

  • FromDual is now SOUG - member. We offer the Oracle-User community a point-of-contact for MySQL related questions.
  • FromDual became a GmbH (LLC). Thanks to the interest of our customers for our services we have decided to change FromDual into a LLC....
  • As well this spring we went into a service cooperation with PrimeBase Technologies. This cooperation allows us to provide you 24x7 Premium Support for MySQL.
  • If you cannot operate your MySQL Database yourself we would be happy to take-over this task for you with our new Remote-DBA services.

News about MySQL

  • Since April 11th MySQL v5.6 is available. On the MySQL Download page you will find the new Release under the Tab Development Releases.
    The most important News are:
    • Further improvement of InnoDB has been taken place and more information are available in the INFORMATION_SCHEMA and in the PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA.
    • The MySQL Replication has been improved again.
    • Exchange Partition and explicit naming of the partitions which should be selected, is now possible.
  • MySQL Cluster v7.2.0 is now available as well since April 11th. On the page MySQL Cluster Download you can find the new Release under the tab Development Releases.
    The most important News:
    • Joins will be pushed to the Cluster (Pushed-down Joins). This should ease a significant disadvantage of the MySQL Cluster, slow joins. We are curious about it...
    • MySQL User and Privileges now will be distributed over all SQL-nodes.
  • You can download the MySQL Enterprise Backup for testing purposes from E-Delivery.
    Hence tests with the physical online-backup method of MySQL are possible.
  • Drizzle 7 is finally on March 13th, after 3 long years, ready for the production use. Drizzle is made for the use in the Cloud. Caution: The change to Drizzle is not that simple like with the other MySQL Forks.

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We would love to hear about your feedback.

Best Regards,

Your FromDual Team