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Galera Cluster Support


To ensure secure and reliable operations of your Galera Clusters for MySQL FromDual offers you, according to your requirements, 3 different support contracts.

The FromDual support team is tightly working together with the Galera developers and contributes a significant amount of the support fee to the Galera project!

Galera Cluster Support


Um den sicheren und zuverlässigen Betrieb Ihres Galera Clusters für MySQL zu gewährleisten bieten wir Ihnen entstprechend Ihren Anforderungen 3 verschiedene Möglichkeiten an Galera Support an.

Das FromDual Support-Team arbeitet eng mit den Galera-Entwicklern zusammen und steuert einen erheblichen Beitrag der Support-Einnahmen an das Galera Projekt bei!

MySQL development support


If you are not operating MySQL databases yourself, but you develop MySQL based software, our MySQL development support is exactly fitting to your needs!

Are your developers hitting technical MySQL problems from time to time or have they a technical MySQL question, our support team is pleased to answer your questions after having talked to the FromDual consulting team.

MySQL Entwicklungs-Support


Betreiben sie selber keine eigenen MySQL Datenbanken, entwickeln aber Lösungen für MySQL, ist unser MySQL Entwicklungs-Support genau das richtige für sie!

Stossen ihre Entwickler auf ein technisches Problem oder haben ihre Entwickler eine technische Frage, beantwortet unser Support-Team in Rücksprache mit dem Beratungs-Team gerne ihre Anfragen.

Using screen for support and/or surveillance


Often support customers want to see what you do on their databases. For this screen is the ideal tool.

Screen commands typically look like this:

screen> Ctrl+a ?

This means press Ctrl+a, release Ctrl+a, press ? and NOT press Ctrl+a+? together. Often you can find Ctrl+A which is wrong. It is a lower case a!

Start first screen

Start and leave a screen:

FromDual Newsletter Frühling 2012


Sehr geehrte MySQL-Nutzerinnen und -Nutzer,

Mit diesem Newsletter bringen wir Sie auf den neuesten Stand was das Produkt MySQL und unsere Dienstleistungen betrifft.

FromDual Newsletter Spring 2012


Dear MySQL User,

With this newsletter we bring you up to date about MySQL and our Services.

If you are not interested in this newsletter or if you are the wrong recipient, you can unsubscribe here or even better send this newsletter to the right person.

Codership partners with FromDual to offer consulting and support services for Galera Cluster for MySQL

Helsinki, Finland, Uster, Switzerland – February 18, 2012 – Codership, the provider of Galera Cluster for MySQL, and FromDual, a MySQL consulting company, today announced collaboration to offer Galera Cluster technology and related support and consulting services for Galera users all over the world, especially in German speaking countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH). Galera Cluster is a synchronous, true multi-master replication cluster for MySQL using the well known InnoDB storage engine.

MySQL Support


Was unsere Kunden meinen

"Wir fühlen uns beim FromDual Support sehr gut betreut :)"
Andreas Rose, DBA bei der AVM GmbH in Berlin

PrimeBase Technologies and FromDual form a Service-Cooperation for MySQL products

From the Cooperation of these two companies arises the biggest independent service provider for MySQL and MariaDB in Europe.

Hamburg, Uster -- February 28, 2011 - The Hamburg based PrimeBase Technologies and the near Zürich located FromDual are forming a Cooperation for MySQL products and services, starting March 1st, 2011.

This Cooperation enables both companies to offer a complete set of services for all MySQL and MariaDB customers.

The customers of both parties now have he possibility to demand a 24x7 support service from their provider.

PrimeBase und FromDual schließen Kooperationsvertrag für MySQL Dienstleistungen

Hamburg, Uster - 28. Februar 2011 - PrimeBase Technologies GmbH aus Hamburg und die in der nähe von Zürich ansässige FromDual GmbH gehen ab dem 1. März 2011 eine Partnerschaft für MySQL Produkte und Dienstleistungen ein.

Diese Partnerschaft ermöglicht es, den beiden Unternehmen eine vollständige Palette von Dienstleistungen für Ihre MySQL und MariaDB Kunden auch in deutscher Sprache anzubieten. Insbesondere besteht für die zahlreichen Kunden der beiden Unternehmen jetzt auch die Möglichkeit, einen 7x24 Stunden Support in Anspruch zu nehmen.

MySQL Error codes and messages


Just a general rule with error messages: Usually they are not as good as they could be. But never the less read them carefully. Most of the time they tell you what you need to know...

And an other wisdom: Errors are really errors and they have to be solved. Warnings are warnings and you should investigate if they appear. Do not ignore both of them unless you have clearly understood what you are doing.

With MySQL:


is often your friend! Further sources to find the problems are:

MySQL Support


What our customers say about our support

Wir fühlen uns beim FromDual Support sehr gut betreut :)
Andreas Rose, DBA bei der AVM GmbH in Berlin

MySQL Dienstleistungen


Neutrale und Hersteller unabhängige
Beratung und Dienstleistungen
für MySQL, Percona Server und MariaDB!

MySQL Beratung

Bei uns erhalten Sie neutrale und Hersteller unabhängige Beratung für MySQL, Galera Cluster, Percona Server und MariaDB, ohne dass Sie dazu einen Support- oder Subskriptions-Vertrag brauchen. Unsere Berater empfehlen Ihnen die besten Lösungen, passend zu Ihren Bedürfnissen.

Contact FromDual


For Support

If you are a support customer please open a ticket with our ticketing system. The username is typically your e-mail address.

General contact

You can contact us as follows:

MySQL Services


Neutral and vendor independent
MySQL, Percona Server and MariaDB
Consulting and Services!

MySQL Consulting

You get neutral and vendor independent Consulting for MySQL, Galera Cluster, Percona Server and MariaDB without the need of a support contract or a subscription. Our consultants recommend you the best solutions fitting to your needs.

Learn more about our Consulting...

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