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FromDual partner

FromDual Partner

FromDual cooperates with the following companies:

Topic Company Description
MariaDB/MySQL Training Linuxhotel GmbH The Linuxhotel is one of the most important Open Source Software training and meeting places in German-speaking countries. Linuxhotel
MariaDB Support MariaDB AB FromDual helps you to get into MariaDB Enterprise Subscriptions and Services. MariaDB
MariaDB/MySQL Training GFU Cyrus AG GFU is one of the most important Enterprise training facilities in Germany. GFU
Galera Cluster Support Codership Oy FromDual is consulting, support and training partner of Codership Oy for its synchronous true multi-Master Replication Cluster based on MySQL called Galera. Codership
MariaDB/MySQL Training Heinlein Academy The Heinlein Academy is THE Linux- and OpenSource-Training facility in Berlin (Germany). Heinlein Academy
MySQL Support MySQL FromDual helps you to get into MySQL Enterprise Edition and its MySQL Technical Support. MySQL
MySQL NDB Cluster Support iClaustron AB iClaustron has a deep insight into MySQL NDB Cluster and RonDB. They are our preferred NDB Cluster contact. MySQL