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fpmmm Triggers and Rules

fpmmm Version is old

You are using an old version of the FromDual Performance Monitor for MariaDB and MySQL (fpmmm). Please consider using a more recent version.


InnoDB Log Buffer is too small for large transactions

Your InnoDB Redo Log Buffer is too small for large transactions. Make the InnoDB Redo Log Buffer (innodb_log_buffer_size) bigger if you have enough RAM available to avoid additional I/O.
1 Mibyte is good for databases with small transactions. 8 Mibyte is good for medium size transactions. 64 MiByte is good for large transactions.


InnoDB plugin is enabled

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<p>InnoDB plugin is enabled.</p>

Table definition cache too small

The number of table definitions (SHOW CREATE TABLE\G) that can be stored in the table definition cache (table_definition_cache). If you have a large number of tables (> 400) in your database instance, you should consider a larger table definition cache to increase your database throughput and decrease your query latency.

Table open cache too small

The Table Open Cache (table_open_cache or old name table_cache) is a cache to store file handles for all threads. The actual value of cache entries can be seen with the global status of open tables (Open_tables).
Increasing table_open_cache increases the number of file descriptors (open_files_limit) that MySQL requires.

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