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MySQL Environment MyEnv 1.0.2 has been released

FromDual has the pleasure to announce the release of the new version 1.0.2 of its popular multi-instance MySQL Environment MyEnv.

You can download MyEnv from here.

In the inconceivable case that you find a bug in MyEnv please report it to our Bugtracker.

Any feedback, statements and testimonials are welcome as well! Please send them to

If you have questions about MyEnv we will answer them in the MyEnv forum.

Upgrade from 1.0.x to 1.0.2

# cd /home/mysql/product
# tar xf /tmp/myenv-1.0.2.tar.gz
# rm -f myenv
# ln -s myenv-1.0.2 myenv

Add the following line to your ~/.bash_profile:

# Written by the MyEnv installMyEnv.php script.
. /etc/myenv/MYENV_BASE
cd $MYENV_BASE/bin
. myenv.profile
# END MyEnv

Changes in MyEnv 1.0.2


  • Missing [client] section in my.cnf should not lead to error any more (Bug #95).
  • profile.template removed because it is redundant to installer information.
  • up removed from myenv.profile.
  • Also root should be allowed to start MySQL (Bug #99).
  • Status for OEM agent implemented (oem_agent.php). To activate this feature copy it from utl/oem_agent.php to plg/showMyEnvStatus/.
  • Plugin interface for showMyEnvStatus.php implemented.
  • Debug information improved.
  • Empty line after environment switch removed.
  • One missing error line in myenv_start_stop.php was added.
  • Return code in myenv_start_stop.php is nicer now.
  • Difference between my.cnf and myenv.conf should be warning and not an error.
  • Error messages made more precise.
  • Made it more clear that MyEnv is distributed under GPL v2.
  • Deleting the actual instance with MyEnv Installer should no longer confuse MyEnv (Bug #104).
  • RPM packages for CentOS 6, Fedora 18 and 19, RHEL 5 and 6 are available.

MyEnv Installer

  • User experience during deleting an instance improved (Bug #96).
  • Deleting a running instance is not allowed. Much more verbose information about (Bug #89).
  • Instance name black list added.
  • Instances should be listed when change was chosen (#93).
  • Replace multi-line readline output to fixed crippled output in menu selection (Bug #103).

MyEnv Utilities

  • should now work for socket and port, local and remote.
  • Password is not exposed any more in
  • Query bench (query_bench.phpx) added for micro bench marks.

MySQL Backup Manager

  • Automated mysql_bman tests should all pass again.