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FromDual Advanced MySQL training courses for professional DBAs

FromDual invites you to check out our 2013 professional course schedule, set out below.

You need to book early to avoid disappointment. Why?

Because we run small, intimate and in-depth classes, giving you more time for -

  • individual attention
  • lots of interaction
  • sharing of insights and experience

Our aim is to give you real value for your money and a genuine return for your investment with us.

Special Addition

Due to customer requests, we have added two of our advanced MySQL training courses in late April in Zurich, Switzerland. (One course will be presented in German, the other in English.)


Germany – The Linux Hotel in Essen and the Heinlein Academy in Berlin

Switzerland – HSO in Zürich

Training Schedule

March 11 - 12 MySQL-Cluster Linuxhotel, ​ Essen (Germany)
March 18 - 22 MySQL for professionals Heinlein Academy, Berlin (Germany)
April 8 - 12 Advanced MySQL Linuxhotel, ​ Essen (Germany)
April 8 MySQL Backup Linuxhotel, ​ Essen (Germany)
April 9 - 10 MySQL High-Availability Linuxhotel, ​ Essen (Germany)
April 11 - 12 MySQL Performance Tuning Linuxhotel, ​ Essen (Germany)
April 22 - 26 Advanced MySQL HSO, ​ Zürich (Switzerland)
April 29 - May 3 Advanced MySQL HSO, ​ Zürich (Switzerland)
September 23 - 24 MySQL-Cluster Linuxhotel, ​ Essen (Germany)
October 7 - 11 Advanced MySQL Linuxhotel, ​ Essen (Germany)
October 7 MySQL Backup Linuxhotel, ​ Essen (Germany)
October 8 - 9 MySQL High-Availability Linuxhotel, ​ Essen (Germany)
October 10 - 11 MySQL Performance Tuning Linuxhotel, ​ Essen (Germany)
November 18 - 22 MySQL for professionals Heinlein Academy, Berlin (Germany)

Remember to book now to reserve your place.

Best regards,

FromDual Training Team