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License for MyEnv

Hi there! I am working on a project where I will most likely be using MyEnv (oh how I wish I had known of this the last time I set up mysqld_multi).

I have added one feature already and have a few bug and performance fixes as well.

My questions:

Is there a license for MyEnv? If no, can you include one?

Also, would you like me to pass my changes upstream? If so, how would be the best way. Mantis?

Related to the licensing questions, would it be acceptable for redistribution with my changes? (eg. a public GitHub repository).

Thanks for writing MyEnv, it's going to make this project far more polished without having to use mysqld_multi again.

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Hello Jon,

Great you are happy with MyEnv!

A little Information: We plan to release MyEnv 1.0.2 soon (this week?).

About License: This is a bug! MyEnv is licensed under GPL v2. I have filed a bug-report (#100) in our bug tracker and I hope it will make it into 1.0.2.

If you are interested in a subscription/support contract please let me know...

Please report all feature requests, bug reports and fixes to our bug tracker as well.
So: We are very interested to get your changes upstream! But we cannot guarantee that it will make it to the official release. We have to consider also the interests of our big customers...

If it is GPL you can do more or less whatever you want with it. But we would prefer to keep resources consolidated...