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Performance Tuning

Everything Performance Tuning (PT) related.

Special MySQL and MariaDB trainings 2018 in English

Due to a strong customer demand FromDual offers 2018 two extra MySQL/MariaDB trainings with its Training partner The Linuxhotel in Essen (Germany). Those trainings are in English.

  • MariaDB Performance Tuning on 5 and 6 September 2018 (2 days).
  • Advanced MySQL/MariaDB training on 26 to 30 November 2018 (5 days).

More information about the contents of the trainings can be found at Advanced MySQL and MariaDB training.

MySQL Performance Tuning für Entwickler

Unsere Präsentation von der CeBit 2015: MySQL Performance Tuning für Entwickler kann jetzt heruntergeladen werden.

Inhalt: Datenbank Performance, Profiling, General Query Log, des Admins Bazooka, Slow Query Log, Query Analyzer, Query Execution Plan, EXPLAIN, Indexieren, ...

MySQL single query performance - the truth!

MySQL single query performance - the truth!

As suggested by morgo I did a little test for the same query and the same data-set mentioned in Impact of column types on MySQL JOIN performance but looking into an other dimension: the time (aka MySQL versions).

The answer

To make it short. As a good consultant the answer must be: "It depends!" :-)

Advanced MySQL and MariaDB training

You are already familiar with the MySQL or MariaDB and you are challenged to operate a serious MySQL database. If this is the case this training is the right one for you.


MySQL und MariaDB fortgeschrittene Schulung

Sie sind bereits vertraut mit der MySQL oder MariaDB Datenbank und stehen nun vor der Herausforderung eine ernsthafte MySQL Datenbank zu betreiben. In diesem Fall sind Sie hier genau richtig.


Schulungstermine für MySQL Kurse 2013 in Deutschland

FromDual bietet auch im Jahr 2013 wieder intensive MySQL Schulungen für fortgeschrittene MySQL Anwender an.

Folgende deutschsprachigen Kurse sind geplant:

MySQL Backup, HA und Performance Tuning Schulung in Essen (D)

Zusammen mit dem Linux Hotel bieten wir jetzt auch in Essen MySQL Kurse an. Der erste Kurs findet noch dieses Jahr im Dezember statt:

What can MySQL performance monitoring graphs tell you?

Many of you may monitor their databases for different purposes. Beside alerting it is often good to also make some graphs from MySQL performance counters to see what is actually happening on your database.

MySQL vs. PostgreSQL

Im Admin-Magazin 2011/06 hat es einen netten Artikel über MySQL und PostgreSQL Performance Tuning: Duell der Datenbanken: In einem Shootout messen sich MySQL und PostgreSQL

Susanne hat dabei PostgreSQL, wir MySQL betreut...

MySQL Monitoring solutions

Basic solutions (CLI)

Those solutions are run from the command line (CLI):


Transaction performance

Transaction performance relates among other things from I/O performance. This means hard disk performance.

Hard disk performance

When you select a hard disk, an important feature to consider is the performance (speed) of the drive. Hard disks come in a wide range of performance capabilities. As is true of many things, one of the best indicators of a drive’s relative performance is its price. An old saying from the automobile-racing industry is appropriate here: "Speed costs money. How fast do you want to go?"

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