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MySQL Server Error Codes and Messages 1400 - 1449

1350 - 1399 1450 - 1499

    Message: XAER_OUTSIDE: Some work is done outside global transaction

  • Error: 1401 SQLSTATE: XAE03 (ER_XAER_RMERR)


MySQL Server Error Codes and Messages 1250 - 1299

1200 - 1249 1300 - 1349

MySQL Server Error Codes and Messages 1200 - 1249

1150 - 1199 1250 - 1299

  • Error: 1200 SQLSTATE: HY000 (ER_BAD_SLAVE)
    Message: The server is not configured as slave; fix in config file or with CHANGE MASTER TO

    How does the MySQL error message look like?


MySQL Server Error Codes and Messages 1150 - 1199

1100 - 1149 1200 - 1249

MySQL Server Error Codes and Messages 1000 - 1049

1050 - 1099
  • Error: 1000 SQLSTATE: HY000 (ER_HASHCHK)

    Message: hashchk

  • Error: 1001 SQLSTATE: HY000 (ER_NISAMCHK)

    Message: isamchk


MySQL Error codes and messages

Just a general rule with error messages: Usually they are not as good as they could be. But never the less read them carefully. Most of the time they tell you what you need to know...

And an other wisdom: Errors are really errors and they have to be solved. Warnings are warnings and you should investigate if they appear. Do not ignore both of them unless you have clearly understood what you are doing.

With MySQL:


is often your friend! Further sources to find the problems are:


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